Vocational Education and Training in Schools

VET programs can provide students with the skills, knowledge and competencies required for the work environment and are available across a wide range of industry areas.

About VETiS

Students at Darwin Middle School have the opportunity to participate in VETiS programs during year 9. Students can do VET whilst continuing with the normal school curriculum.

A 12 month program of 1 day a week at the Middle Years Trade Centre where students may undertake MSM10216 Certificate I in Manufacturing (Pathways). This course is designed to develop skills essential for employment and skills that relate directly to a work activity as specified in the selected industry/technical unit.

Students may also have the option of completing a Certificate 1 in Construction through the Housing Institute of Australia.

What is a Certificate 1?

Certificate I qualifications are to qualify students with basic functional knowledge and skills to undertake work, further learning and community involvement through competency based training

What is Competency Based Training?

What is Competency Based Training?

Competency Based Training (CBT) is designed to allow the student to demonstrate their ability to do a particular task. This means the training looks at the skills and knowledge that a person needs to do a job.

The training is designed to give students the opportunity to learn the required skills and the required knowledge. Those skills are practiced on projects and where available by working in industry in work placement. The training is made up of separate units of competency.

How are students assessed?

How are students assessed?

Each unit of competency has information about the standards of performance required, it is easy for the Trainer Assessor to assess when someone has reached the standard. When the student performance reaches the standard required they are assessed as competent. If after assessment, the student did not reach the standard and more time or another attempt is required, they will be assessed as not yet competent, and given another opportunity if reasonably possible.