Teaching and Learning Model

We have a common Teaching and Learning Model which contributes to better planning, consistent language and clear expectations across the whole school. This ensures that units of work and lessons achieve their purpose, which is effective student learning.

Teaching and Learning

All teachers are expected to follow the structure of the Darwin Middle School Teaching and Learning Model as they plan and deliver a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of all students.

The Darwin Middle School Teaching and Learning Model has been developed to ensure there is: 

  • a common language and understanding of the structure of a lesson or a unit of work
  • consistent language used by teachers across the school 
  • a clear expectation of the learning that is to take place in each lesson or unit of work and what success will look like explicit teaching and modelling of the content or skill that is being learnt 
  • sufficient guidance provided to students so that they are able to transfer their learning to different situations 
  • an understanding of how students can demonstrate that they have achieved the learning intention/s 
  • adequate feedback given to students about their learning so that they can continue to demonstrate improvement in learning outcomes 

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