Student Representative Council

A Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students elected by their peers to represent all students within the school. SRC's work democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making and organise ways for students to participate in and enjoy school life.

About the Council

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) is a student-based group designed to foster school spirit and leadership among students. The members of the SRC change each year to maintain a fresh approach and a strong student voice within the school. Members are leaders who help to create and nurture constructive ideas within the school community. They are approachable students who are representatives of our student body.

Advocate and communicate

Members are expected to attend hourly meetings each week and attend other school events. Members are active in council meetings and make a concerted effort to keep the student body informed about upcoming school projects and events.

The dynamic of the SRC includes students from all three year levels who have different cultures, backgrounds and talents. All students in the school are given the opportunity to nominate themselves or someone they believe would fit the role. After nominations close, each year level elects 8 members per year level, along with House Captains

Expectations and responsibilities of SRC Members

  • Be positive role models (presentation, uniform, behaviour)
  • Be active in the school community (sports, choir, band, debating, etc)
  • Be punctual and attend school regularly
  • Build harmonious relationships within the school
  • Be approachable
  • Be active in fundraising for charity organisations
  • Be an advocate for the student voice
  • Attend SRC meetings
  • Attend SRC functions (potentially out of school hours)
  • Public Speaking
  • Organising events – (cooking bbq’s, advertising, making posters)
  • Liaise with teachers and administration staff about upcoming events

Student Representative Council