School Board

The School Board consists of parent members, school staff and non-school stakeholders. These members either have a local interest or can offer specialised professional expertise to benefit and support strategic initiatives.

About Our School Board

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting

On 10 March 2021 the Annual General Meeting took place at Darwin Middle School Library.  We welcome our new and continuing Board members. 

What is the School Board Membership structure?

The composition of the School Board totals 13, calculated as per Regulation 22 (not less than 5, but not more than 19 members). The board membership must include:

  • Seven (7) parents of students enrolled in the school, elected by the parents of the students enrolled in the school.
  • Three (3) teachers at the school, elected by the teachers teaching at the school.
  • The School Principal.

The School Board membership may also include:

(a) Two (2) invited members

Persons invited to be a member of the board may be:

  1. persons whom the School Board considers to have special qualifications, knowledge or experience that will be able to assist it in the performance of its functions by the giving of information or advice;
  2. the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the electoral division in which the school is located; or
  3. a person nominated by the local government council in the area in which the school is located.

(b) the board must not invite a person to be a member if that person is a teacher at any Government school, including the school for which the board was established.

Darwin Middle School Board Members

Chair - Noelene Armstrong

Treasurer - Semisi Kailahi

Secretary - Lisa Bradley

Other Board Members

Marcus Dixon


Anthony Bale

Parent Representative

Shane Penny

Parent Representative

Shellee Williams

Parent Representative

Leah Po-Ching

Parent Representative

Sue Neal

Staff Member - Assistant Principal

Brian Manning

Staff Member - Assistant Principal

Sara Scrutton

Staff Member

Invited Member

Vacant Position

Invited Member

Vacant Position