School Attendance

School Timetable

The school day commences with the first bell at 8:00am and finishes at 2:25pm.

Bell TimesStartFinishDuration
Lesson 18:00am9:05am65 minutes
Lesson 29:05am10:10am65 minutes
Recess10:10am10:35am25 minutes
Lesson 310:35am11:40am65 minutes
Lesson 411:40am12:45pm65 minutes
Lunch12:45pm1:25pm40 minutes
Lesson 51:25pm2:25pm60 minutes

Absentee notifications

You need to advise us If your child is absent, late, or leaving early. The best way to advise us is via Compass.

Alternatively you can send an email to the Office of Good Standing: [email protected]., or call on: 08 8942 5209

Arriving late

All students who arrive after 8:10am will be marked as late. Students arriving late must go to the Office of Good Standing and sign in via the school attendance register.

Leaving early

Early departure from school will not be granted unless the school has received authorisation from a parent/carer. Students who leave during the school day are to sign out via the attendance register in the Office of Good Standing prior to leaving the school grounds.