Enrolment Information

Darwin Middle School takes great pride in being the leading middle years STEAM education provider in the Northern Territory.


Our school has a strong belief in reflective practice and this is inherent in why the school is so successful. We operate at capacity with 750-800 families opting to be part of the Darwin Middle School experience.

Priority Enrolment Area

A school’s priority enrolment area is the residential area in a school’s catchment. Students residing within a priority enrolment area will have priority placement within the school over children who reside outside of the enrolment area.

Enrolment Management

Darwin Middle School recognises its obligation to ensure students living within the priority enrolment area have access to educational services and facilities at this school. At times our enrolments are at a level requiring the school to place restrictions on out-of-priority enrolment area enrolments to ensure that is meets its educational obligations to local students.

Darwin Middle School Enrolment Management Plan