Year 9

Students must complete four core subjects. In addition, students in Year 9 can choose their elective subjects for the year. However, they must complete a compulsory Health and Physical Education subject for one semester.

Core Subjects

  • Year 9 Mathematics
  • Year 9 English
  • Year 9 Science
  • Year 9 Humanities and Social Sciences (A semester of History and Semester a Geography)
  • Compulsory Health and Physical Education for one semester, this may include the elective options of Physical Recreation and Outdoor Education

Language is optional, if a Language is chosen it is for a full year.

Elective choices will be selected from the Arts and Technologies Learning Areas.

Electives options may include

  • Language - Chinese-Mandarin and Bahasa-Indonesian
  • Arts- Visual Art, Creative Art, Drama, Dance, Music
  • Technologies - Graphics and Media, Student Industry, Food and Nutrition
  • Physical Education- Physical Recreation and Outdoor Education

The 2024 Year 9 elective book can be found here , please note that this can be subject to change.

Year 9