Good Standing

The Good Standing Awards Program aims to recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and reward endeavour, good behaviour and achievement in school and in the wider community.

What is Good Standing?

It is all about doing the right things! Students who do the right thing with behaviour, uniform, attendance, comply with school guidelines and course requirements have Good Standing.

Students with Good Standing may participate in all curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school and will be eligible to represent the school in sporting, social and cultural activities.

Students who lose their Good Standing may not attend social school functions or represent the school in sporting or academic teams until they have resumed their Good Standing.

Good Standing

Areas of Achievement

By demonstrating exemplary achievement in the following areas students will be recognised through the Good Standing Awards program:


Awarded to students consistently demonstrating a high level of achievement in at least 4 of 6 learning areas.


Awarded to students who consistently demonstrate improvement in individual subject areas as well as consistently behaving in class.


Awarded to students who have performed significant service to the school and the wider community.

What can I do to maintain Good Standing and win awards?

  • Always follow my teachers' instructions.
  • Do my best to improve my academic results.
  • Always be punctual and get to class on time.
  • Always wear correct uniform.
  • Volunteer to help out in the school community.
  • Represent my school in sporting and academic teams.
  • Let my school know about my community links.
  • Remember not to use my iPod or mobile in class.

Award Levels

  • Bronze: 4 nominations = Certificate
  • Silver: 8 nominations = Certificate
  • Gold: 12 nominations = Certificate and pewter key ring
  • Platinum Award: 16 nominations from all 4 categories = Framed Certificate