06 Mar 2019 |

Wellbeing Week 6

Wellbeing Week 6

It is very encouraging to see the students embracing the wellbeing program and actively participating in weekly activities. The Growth Mindset focus is adding to students’ strengths and emotions by encouraging them to accept and believe in themselves for who they are.

This week, the Character Strength is exploring ways to show zest - living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and positive energy.

As you move around the school, students are engaged, happily sharing stories about their character strength activities and ultimately supporting their own wellbeing and school culture.

Key Year Level focus for the week will be:

Year 7: Believing In & Accepting Yourself

You are a young person who matters, with your own strengths and special individual qualities.

For a healthy state of wellbeing, believe in your self-worth and accept your full range of feelings. Use your strengths to look for what is good about things and tackle the Wellbeing Fitness Challenges and Strengths Boosters. To boost your self-belief, do kind acts for others and write down three good things which happened each day. Often reflect on achievements you are proud of.

Year 8: Self-Acceptance and Self-Belief

We are all one of a kind and special in our own way and if we want to be like others, who will be like us. We have things we like and dislike about ourselves and to thrive and flourish we need to accept that is who we are. Self-acceptance is the first step to developing self-belief. You value your self-worth as a person who matters and believe you can grow through effort. You also understand that it’s natural to experience the full range of feelings from being angry, sad or anxious to calm, happy or relaxed.

Year 9: Being Human

A healthy state of wellbeing doesn’t mean the absence of negative emotions and at times, it is natural to feel angry, sad or anxious. Don’t pretend they are not real by ignoring or suppressing them, but rather, accept that they are part of being human. It takes courage to allow yourself to feel the full range of both positive and negative emotions and self-regulation to prevent them from intensifying too much. Adopt a growth mindset, to understand that negative emotions are usually temporary for most people.