19 Feb 2019 |

Student Wellbeing Week 4

Student Wellbeing Week 4

We are already in Week 4! The students are working well with their diaries and The Darwin Middle School Wellbeing Program. Each day in Roll Group, the students are accessing the program that focuses on 6 elements of wellbeing; Strengths & Emotions, Positive Engagement, Relationships & Optimism, Skills & Achievement, Exercise & Vitality and Meaning & Purpose.

The focus for Week 4 is about Exercise & Vitality, students learn how to self-regulate and calm themselves through breathing exercises.

The character strength is ‘Gratitude’ and students will explore different ways to show gratitude towards others.

Key Year Level focus for the week will be:

Year 7: Breathing Deeply

Being able to self-calm yourself when you feel tense is a great life skill to have. Square Breathing is a type of deep breathing and will relax you in five minutes. You can improve your Exercise and Vitality and nobody can tell when you are doing it.

Year 8: Deep Breathing

When you feel anxious or tense, use deep breathing exercises to calm yourself. It grows your self-awareness of your feelings. By regularly practising deep breathing techniques to relax improves overall Exercise and Vitality.

Year 9: Breathing and Calmness

When you feel under pressure, often your body responds with tension in your neck and back, quickened/shallow breathing, a hot face and anxious thoughts flooding through your mind. It is very difficult to focus your thoughts when experiencing such feelings. Concentrating on breathing deeply for 5 to 10 minutes is an effective way to self-calm. You can do it anywhere and boost your Exercise and Vitality whilst calming your mind and body.

We will keep you advised of the focus for each week; we encourage you to talk to your child about each weekly focus and extend their learnings beyond the classroom.