27 Nov 2019 |

ABC Radio Interview

ABC Radio Interview

This time of year is an exciting time as Year 6 students make the transition from primary school to middle school. Some students can't wait for the change and new pathways but for some it can be a time of wondering and feeling nervous about starting a new school and transitioning to Year 7.

As part of the Darwin Middle School transition program, Year 6 students from the feeder schools visit to learn more about the programs and familiarise themselves with the new landscape. Today ABC Radio was on hand to speak with John Moulds, Year 7 Coordinator and interview some Parap Primary School students attending for their orientation day. 

To learn more and hear what they had to say about starting middle school next year click on the links below.

ABC Radio interview - John Moulds, Year 7 Coordinator

ABC Radio interview - Year 6 students attending Darwin Middle School