School Leadership

From the Principal

I am enormously pleased to be the Principal of Darwin Middle School and regard it as a great honor. Darwin Middle School is an exciting, positive place where students, parents and staff work collaboratively together. There is a strong sense of community, a strong desire to achieve, and most importantly a strong desire to treat each and every person with respect and build a pathway for every child so that they can maximise their potential future options, as well as enjoy the experience they are presently undertaking.

We are in a beautiful part of the world and the best part of the city overlooking the Arafura Sea. We have tremendous facilities and infrastructure to support our learning programs, much of it presently being expanded upon and revitalised. We also have an outstanding group of people working in the school who are deeply committed to the Darwin Middle School students learning journey. The students themselves are exemplary people. They have enormous skills, but in addition to this, are positive people with positive attitudes who conduct themselves like young adults.

As a school community we are working in collaboration as a group of people, and hence we have positioned ourselves for a progressive, STEAM driven agenda (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths). Darwin Middle School is the leading government middle school in the Northern Territory. There is no room for complacency in our thinking. There is a constant need for us to reflect, think, adapt, adopt and change our practices, keeping what has proven to be of outstanding benefit in the past, and refine, blend and develop what we need to embrace in the future.

I feel confident that together, we build on the passions of all our students through the student survey, through recommendations from parents and from all our staff. I am confident that our Business Plan sets a direction of excellence, taking us through to 2020.

- Marcus Dixon